eposter management service:

We provide knowledgeable and experienced planners to guide you through all phases of the conference planning process. We will make creating and presenting an ePoster a seamless process for you and your presenters. Our ePoster management service process will happen before and/or during the event, depending on which ePoster package has been selected.

Pre-Conference Logistic Planning:

  •  Determine the best possible ePosterboard solution based on your conference needs
  • Review logistics requirements based on the venue
  • Review meeting room and trade show space requirements (floor plans)
  • Evaluate venue electrical and internet capabilities
  • Assist organizer in design of the floor plan layout based on meeting room space requirements
  • Work with the organizer to optimize ePoster sessions and schedule
  • Create ePoster marketing collateral for the organizer to use on their event website, signage and/or program book
  • Work with the organizer to build the presenter/ePosterboard assignment list

*For all events in the Boston/Cambridge areas, the ePosterBoards technicians will setup an appointment with the organizer to go see the event space ahead of time.  For events that are outside of Massachusetts, a conference call will be scheduled with both the event organizer and venue to determine all of the onsite requirements for the ePosters

Presenter Communications and Content Management: